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Accud Measuring Tools

The ACCUD products line not only covers traditional gauges such as callipers, micrometres, dial gauges, indicators, height gauges, gauge blocks, but also covers high-technology measuring instruments. ACCUD products are mainly manufactured in Asia conforming to international standards for quality and measurement. Since 2010.

Cadex – The Finest Tools on the Planet

For over 22 years, Cadex has been dedicated to engineering and selling the highest quality pneumatic tools. A dedication to design, commitment to quality, and attention to detail have placed Cadex as a leader in the pneumatic market. A belief in building the highest quality tool that is engineered to work with you has driven Cadex to seamlessly integrate form and function, creating durable tools that not only work well, but look great too. Add to this several intuitive features that make every application easier and you have the essence and commitment of what Cadex is.

“Our goal is to create a legacy of creative thinking, where we develop products that help artisans of every level and ability to reach their potential, and to create business opportunities that set the “INGCO” brand apart from the competition, but most of all, to provide value for money and service to our customers.”

This is our Motto, put quite simply, ”affordable professional tools with outstanding after sales service.”

INGCO is in constant pursuit of its vision of becoming a reliable brand in South-Africa today